Securus Technologies and the Future of Prison Technology Industry

The transformation of any given industry that bets mainly technologies is an amazing journey to watch for innovation enthusiasts like me. Prison technology industry is one such industry that saw an incredible transformation in the recent years. I can say that all of those changes made possible by a set of companies that shaped their growth vision around technology innovation. The most prominent name in that is Securus Technologies, the leader in prison technology innovation. I see the changes made by Securus in the industry both in terms of diverse solutions and servicing standards.

Compared to other players in the industry, Securus came up with a discussion on the future of security solutions and inmate communications in early 2017. I was feeling the difference of a true innovator when the company explained its plans and industry direction in the coming years. It said that the inmates would receive a number of choices including reduced pricing for services, increased product offerings, more comfortable use of products, additional video calling options, smart device access by 100%, improved usage of products and solutions, and more. The firm pointed out that by giving educational resources for the inmates, it would give more job opportunities for them when they are released from the prison.

I must say that such a move would reduce the recidivism rates as well at the end. The management of Securus also communicated that the move would help the inmates and their families get the communication opportunities 24 × 7. Additionally, it also spoke about the improved healthcare options to the inmates that are ensuring high-quality healthcare. Rick A. Smith, the Chief Executive of the company, said that the next ten years would see widespread changes in the prison technology services similar to what general public could watch in terms of telecommunication advancement in the last decade.


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