Adam Milstein Talks About The Israeli-American Identity

Adam Milstein discussed the Israeli-American identity in an article published in the Jerusalem Post’s op-ed section in 2016. In that article Adam Milstein mentioned that until about a decade ago, there was no Israeli-American identity. Jews that were born in Israel but living in the United States had two identities. They considered themselves both Israelis and Americans but not both at the same time.

Furthermore, Adam Milstein says that such Jews living in Israel always had their suitcases packed. They were expecting to eventually move back to Israel instead of settling down and building a community in the United States. This was also despite the fact that many such Israeli Jews in the United States had kids who were born and raised in America. Some of these Jews even had grandkids here and they were still thinking about going back to Israel.

Such an attitude weakened the Jewish community says Adam Milstein. It made Israeli Jews in the USA isolated. Instead of joining community groups, going to synagogues and interacting with their American Jewish counterparts, the Israeli Jewish community lived apart. This was not good says Mr. Milstein.

Fortunately, there was a way to stop the isolation and help integrate Israeli Jews into the mainstream Jewish society in America. Adam Milstein helped to create the IAC or Israeli-American Council to bring Israeli Jews living in the United States together the nation. The organization also helped integrate them into the existing American Jewish community.

The goal of the Israeli-American Council was to strengthen the entire Jewish community in the United States by bringing Israeli-Americans and Jewish Americans together. When these groups of Jews work together to promote Jewish values and the state of Israel the effects are much greater and much more far reaching. Thanks to the works of the IAC and leaders such as Adam Milstein, the Jewish community is now stronger and more influential than ever.

The Israeli-American Council has come a long way since its founding by Mr. Milstein. The organization now has regional councils across the country and helps promote what Milstein calls Israeliness in the Jewish community of America. This Israeliness helps strengthen the bond between the Jewish people in the United States and in the historic homeland of Israel in the Middle East.

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