Rocketship Education Moves Forward Despite Criticism

Rocketship Education has triumphed over critics and taken a direction towards its goals. The NPR’s coverage of the network sparked mixed reactions. The management of the chain of schools has come out to defend itself against the allegations outlined in the coverage.

Anya Kamenetz highlighted some of Rocketship Education’s key practices that have not been reported in the past. While the story was breath-taking and it outlined what schools of this generation are facing, it was narrow and unbalanced. It didn’t paint a fair picture of the network of schools.

Rocketship Education is always striving to tailor education to fit the needs of each individual. Adopting the whole grade learning as well as differentiated instruction approach, it leverages cutting-edge education as an educational tool, working one-on-one with students, and working in small groups to be able to offer quality education. Each instruction is designed to create different learning opportunities for students in an effort to help them to grow in different areas. Additionally, Rocketship Education analyzes data streams to make sure that educational practice at the network is optimized to achieve the most learning as well as growth in students.

Rocketship Education is committed to eliminate the achievement gap between children from underserved communities and other established communities. It aims to achieve that by creating a highly achieving environment for the children from underserved communities. It helps children to explore their rights including right learn, make discoveries as well as explore the world around them.

The Anya Kamenetz’s coverage painted Rocketship Education out to be a test-score-fixated educational system tied to strict disciplinary guidelines that discourage student development. It also outlined the U.S. charter network as a technology-based. The top leadership team members of the charter network including Preston Smith, CEO of Rocketship Education, came out to defend the schools that their comments and views about the schools were misinterpreted or misused. Simply put, the coverage did not give Rocketship a fair representation. There are many questions that arises from the NPR’s article. The questions can only by addressed through a look at the general education context and not focusing on Rocketship Education only. The issues raised are not unique to the charter network.

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