Nitin Khanna’s Wild & Diverse History as an Entrepreneur

For Nitin Khanna, growing into an entrepreneurial force was all about following the path set before him by his family. His father was a member of the army during his childhood while the rest of Khanna’s family was as industrious as anyone could be. He watched as his uncles turned various plans into viable businesses. So, when Khanna made it to the United States, he was a quick student at Purdue University. After graduating from Purdue University, Khanna was more than ready to leave his mark on the tech world. In the years since he entered the workforce, Khanna has made an imprint on the cannabis, M&A, and competitive tech fields.

Khanna leaped into the tech field in the late 90s when computing power and technology were really starting to hit their stride. Khanna saw how technology was going to be the future of the business world and he was quick to ingratiate himself with the top competitors in the industry. Khanna would work for Oracle Corporation to start out with, but he quickly came to realize that he had more to offer the world. After all, a true entrepreneur would not spend their life building up someone else’s business.

Khanna’s early aspirations would lead him to establish Saber Corporation alongside his brother. At the time, Khanna was only 25-years-old and his brother was just 20-years-old. Saber quickly found a platform for work via the government and they began to grow by leaps and bounds. it wasn’t long before Saber was the government’s go-to provider for driver’s license, unemployment records, and voter registration. Saber would grow to a $120 million revenue ceiling while employing a stunning 1,200 employees. Needless to say, Khanna had ‘made it’. Khanna would go on to sell Saber in order to pursue other endeavors.

After Saber, Khanna would fund his next business, MergerTech. MergerTech was buoyed by Khanna’s prior experience and soon the Mergers and Acquisition firm would be expanding rapidly. MergerTech plays a huge role as an advisory firm for businesses looking to sell or acquire other businesses. Currently the CEO of MergerTech, Khanna is also working to expand into the growing cannabis field.

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