Sergey Petrossov’s Innovative Idea Leads To JetSmarter Success

Sergey Petrossov never imagined when he moved from his native Russia to Florida that he would someday be the C.E.O of a company, but entrepreneurship was in young Petrossov’s blood. Since his teen years, Pretrossov had the passion and drive to try his hand at an import/export business dealing with tire rims. This attempt at such a young age might not have succeeded, but Petrossov was driven to succeed. He kept looking for ways to start a business, but it was when he was a student at the University of Florida that Petrossov gained exposure to computer science and realized that technology might be the way to success.

His exposure to computer science pushed Sergey Petrossov to join a live chat startup. Though the live chat startup fizzled, Petrossov’s interest in technology continued to grow and formed the basis for future business ventures. Petrossov used his interest in technology to create the Federal System of Distance Education, a company that sells cloud-based educational software to Russia and Eastern European schools and universities. This distance learning software was much more economical than the legacy systems that were often sold at an exorbitant price and which neither Eastern Europe nor Russia could afford. Still, Sergey Petrossov’s claim to fame was founding Florida based private jet transportation company JetSmarter. Though JetSmarter does sell memberships to clients for a certain amount of rides on a private jet and the option to reserve a seat on a scheduled flight JetSmarter does not own any planes.

JetSmarter has formed partnerships with fleet operators and essentially helps members book a flight at a much more affordable price than the industry standard. Sergey Petrossov got the idea to make the act of booking or chartering a private flight easier with technology after his own experience showed him how tedious and time consuming chartering a flight was.

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