Betsy DeVos, the Famous Philanthropist, and Revolutionist

Betsy DeVos is known as one of the most liberal women in the US. She has received significant honors for making constructive contributions towards American education and politics for more than three decades. The family of Betsy has contributed millions of dollars in the education field and has also introduced numerous policies that enhance the standards of the sector. President Trump appointed her to serve in his cabinet as the education secretary because of her commitment to improving the field. Since February 2017, Betsy has been holding the education office, and her influence is already evident.


The American Federation for Children once offered her an opportunity to work as one of its administrators. AFC has been struggling to guarantee that children get an education of choice, and their curriculum empowers the children to foster their future careers by studying relevant subjects. The remarkable work of Betsy DeVos has enabled millions of children throughout the country to join better schools.


As the cabinet secretary in charge of education, Mrs. DeVos has introduced and endorsed many policies that will facilitate the revolution of the education system. She believes that most of the children throughout the country are unable to join schools that can empower them to develop their careers. Betsy passionately believes that all students living in the US should have the right to attend learning institutions of their choice. She has been expediting the endeavors of the Kids Hope USA by inspiring the children in the elementary learning institutions throughout the country.


Betsy has succeeded in making significant achievements in philanthropy, politics, and business because of the backup she obtains from her husband, Dick DeVos. Dick is a successful businessman currently based in Michigan. Mr. and Mrs. DeVos own and run the DeVos Family Foundation, the organization used by the family to conduct their philanthropic activities. The couple also supported the people of Michigan by establishing the West Michigan Aviation Academy, one of the best aviation schools in the state. Betsy and Dick have contributed lots of money to support education, medical research, art, and politics. Betsy also runs a scholarship program responsible for paying school fees for Potter’s House Christian School students.


Betsy is a proven leader, disruptor, an advocate and an innovator. In politics, in education and business, Mrs. DeVos has been a visionary if fighting to confiscate barriers, to bring transformation and create atmospheres where people can thrive easily. She is the former Chairman of The Windquest Group, which is a privately owned venture and management company based in the state of Michigan with a differentiated consumer service and product portfolio.


Having been active in the political arena for over 35 years, Betsy DeVos was appointed the Michigan Republican Party chairman four times, and she has worked in various leadership roles with political action committees, campaigns, and party organizations.


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Talos Energy Oversees Landmark Drilling Operation in Mexican Waters

As Mexico seeks to reform its oil industry and rekindle the flame under its energy markets, the state has officially allowed foreign operators to drill in its territories for the first time in decades. The new operation in the spotlight is a joint venture between Sierra Oil and Gas, Talos Energy, and the London firm Premier Oil. No company other than Petroleos Mexicanos, a state-run operation, has had an opportunity to drill in Mexican waters since 1938.

The area being drilled is within the Sureste Basin and has caught the intrigue of many resource experts across the globe, due to its unique geological layout and chances for a successful operation. Talos Energy will handle the actual on-site activities and drilling is expected to take approximately three months. Estimates show up to 500 million barrels of crude being acquired, with a total cost of $16 million to Premier Oil. The opportunity was sold off to the foreign venture in 2015 and more

Results of the drilling operations will have a major impact on Mexico and the energy markets in its economy. The country has recently struggled with creating profitable energy ventures, and poor market performance has been the driving force behind opening up business to other outside firms once again.

Talos Energy is a natural resource exploration company that is based in Houston, Texas. First established in 2012, the company’s close proximity to the Gulf Coast has given its team of experts considerable experience regarding the geology and potential of the area. Talos Energy was created by a group of highly knowledgeable investors who were behind the founding of Phoenix Exploration and Gryphon Exploration, two companies that were immensely successful and have since been released for sale.

The drive behind Talos Energy revolves around its workforce. Investors and scientists along with the technicians who operate drill sites are all committed to optimize the performance of Talos Energy while observing laws and regulations and remaining considerate of the venture’s environmental impact. Talos Energy strives to recover natural resources using their relevant proprietary scientific data and the most advanced acquisition techniques available on the market.


Securus Technologies helps prevent the institutionalization of inmates

It has long been known to criminologists that one of the greatest risks that long-term prisoners face is that of institutionalization. Institutionalization occurs when the inmate becomes so reliant on and so accustomed to the prison environment that they can no longer effectively function or even learn to function on the outside.


Prisoners who undergo even partial institutionalization often find it extremely difficult to make it on the outside once they are released. This has led to extremely high rates of recidivism for long-term inmates, a problem that has been extremely difficult to correct over the past 200 years of the U.S. prison system.


But many studies have shown that inmates who are able to maintain positive socialization to a law-abiding environment are much more likely to be able to be successfully integrated into society once they are released. That is to say, the best way to ensure the prisoners will be able to successfully reintegrate into society in a law-abiding and pro-social manner as to avoid, at all costs, their institutionalization.


One way in which this problem is being solved is by allowing inmates to stay in contact with law-abiding citizens, particularly their own family members, on the outside of prison. Securus Technologies, one of the leading inmate communications providers in the United States, has been tackling this problem head-on. Through its video visitation systems, Securus Technologies is allowing inmates face-to-face communications with their loved ones, for just $0.15 per minute, on average. This is making a huge difference in the ability of inmates to stay socialized to a positive milieu, avoiding retreat into the prison environment, where anti-social norms abound and predatory and criminal attitudes are likely to be met with enough success to shape the inmate’s personality further in that direction.


Through technologies like its video visitation system, Securus is helping inmates reintegrate into society and become productive again.


The Nutritional Products Of IDLife Company

ID Life is a company that deals with nutritional supplements and weight management products. The supplements are organic which are fit for consumers. Every individual has a different nutritional requirement from another, and hence the products cut across the board for every customer. Logan Stout is the CEO and starter of IDLife, a former athlete who was into fitness and good health. People find the idea of health and fitness complicated when it comes to diet and exercises.

IDLife simplifies the whole program into three steps, making it easier to follow. The steps improve the lives of the followers of this program. It allows them to lose weight, reduce their disease risk, increase their levels of energy and if sick they can lower their need for medications.

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IDLife supplements are different from other offered vitamin supplements because they are unique to the body requirements of an individual. Before anyone can start taking a bottle of vitamins an HIPPA-compliant is usually taken. The evidence-based assessment made is important because it is used when creating supplements that target a particular individual’s body chemistry. Screening is also done to ensure that the supplements are not harmful to that particular person. All IDLife products are safe as they are tested for purity, solubility, and potency. The products are absorbed at a maximum level in the body. The products are also free of casein, gluten, soy and GMO. IDLife products are not FDA approved, and it is important to consult with a physician before beginning the program.

A couple of IDLife products are in the market, and they include; IDLife Skin Care, IDLife EnergyShot, IDLife Sleep, IDLife Appetite Control, IDLife Shake, IDLife Nutrition, and IDLife Kids. All the products as the names suggest have different purposes in the body. The products are accompanied with exercise and proper diet. Recently the company did partner with Garmin. Garmin is a company that brings together technology and fitness. It specializes in devices such as the fitness trackers that are worn to enhance an active lifestyle. The partnership was successful as the two companies’ goals and aims are similar. Both companies have a shared belief, and they are dedicated to bringing a healthy lifestyle to their customers.

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Eric Lefkofsky looks to disentangle vast layers of oncological data

Modern medicine generates vast troves of data. Everything from patient medical histories to the ways different groups of people react to a particular drug are all recorded millions of times every hour in the United States alone. The problem is not a lack of data, the problem is data overload and learn more about Eric.

Luckily, a number of solutions to the problem of data overload have been coming online over the last few decades. Artificial intelligence is one of the most effective ways in which vast quantities of data have been able to be converted into actionable intelligence in many different fields. However, medicine-specific AI solutions that help doctors make sense of the ocean of data that medical professionals swim in every day have been slow to come to market.

Now, Eric Lefkofsky, the founder of volume discount giant Groupon, is tackling this problem, head on. Through his new startup, Tempus, he is seeking to do nothing short of revolutionizing the way in which physicians look at data and make treatment decisions on behalf of their patients and more information click here.

One of the main problems that fields like oncology currently face is the huge variance in patient outcomes that is not well explained by the treatment regimen alone. In other words, there is a great deal of randomness involved in how one patient with, say breast cancer, does versus another. What’s often so tragic is that, often times, oncologists know that these differences are not actually random, they just appear to be. The reason this random variance in treatment outcomes appears is because oncologists don’t understand the relationships between data points. People are literally dying because oncological analytics are lacking and its Website.

Through Tempus, Eric Lefkofksy is beginning to change that. The systems he is creating will be able to give physicians the powerful results of studies that would otherwise have taken months and cost millions of dollars, all at the click of a button. Tempus is effectively creating solutions that will allow physicians to get accurate, on-the-spot answers to incredibly complex problems, such as how a patient with a certain race, blood type and smoking history is likely to respond to a treatment and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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